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Technically speaking, I'm a dietitian, but I see myself as a listener, a motivator, coach and teacher of nutrition. I prefer to end a busy day with a glass of red wine while chopping vegetables. Lover of almost anything pickled and fresh baked scones just not at the same time. I'm happiest when I'm cooking for people I love. Why am I so into food? Because I KNOW how much eating well can change your life. What you eat every day is going to impact your body and your mind. It's a confusing world out there - full of diet and food advice that always leaves you feeling like it's that one next diet that's going to be the weight loss answer. Stop waiting for that magic diet, and begin to take one step at a time in the right direction. I'm here to help you on your life-long journey, there's no better time to start!

NOAD Snacks

Snacking:  Snacks have an important place in a healthy lifestyle.  Listed below are a bunch of good-for-you snacks to try. If you like it add it to your weekly shopping list so you know you'll always have some healthy options when you need them.

Why Snack?

Prevent getting overly hungry and over-eating at next meal

Keep energy level high throughout the day

Keep blood sugar stable (prevent lows which will create an “immediate” need for food)

Stoke metabolism (don’t go long periods of time >3-4 hours w/o eating)

Opportunity to fit in a food group you’re missing (ie: fruits, nuts, fiber, veggies, etc)

When should I snack?

Snack between meals if you’re hungry, you don’t need to snack if you’re not hungry.

A mid-morning snack between breakfast and lunch is a good idea for early risers.

Afternoon time (before dinner) is often a “hungry” time so plan to have something then if you tend to over-eat at dinner because you’re overly hungry.

If you stay up more than 3 hours after dinner you may need a small evening snack.

What should I eat for a good snack?

Simple equation:  carbohydrate + protein and/or healthy fat

The choice and size of your snack depends on: When was the last time you ate? When will you eat next? Do you need fuel for physical activity?  What do you feel like eating?

Generally, snacks are 150-200 calories but if you had a light breakfast or won’t be eating again for more than 2 hours have a bigger snack to keep energy up and supply adequate fuel.  The important part here is to really check in with your hunger level and respond to that. More hunger = more food.

NOAD Snack Suggestions:

Medium apple (sliced) with 1 Tbsp all natural almond butter

Greens Plus Bar or Larabar

Protein shake (Worldwide Pure Protein) + small apple

Baggie of 3/4 cup Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal

1/4 Cup pumkin seeds and a handful of grapes

1 slice whole wheat or sprouted toast with laughing cow lite cheese wedge & drizzle of honey

Raw veggies (carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, bell pepper, etc) with 1/4 cup hummus or Edamame Ginger Dip*

La Tortilla Factory ‘Smart & Delicious’ whole wheat tortilla with 1 Tbsp almond butter and cinnamon - rolled up.

1 cup vegetable soup with 1 mozzarella string cheese

2 slices Jarlsberg Lite swiss and 5 Akmak crackers

1/2 cup tuna salad (see recipe) with 1 serving whole grain crackers or 10 cherry tomatoes

1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese with 1/2 cup fresh fruit (melon, grapes, berries)

1/2 cup high fiber cereal with 6 oz nonfat plain yogurt & drizzle of honey

La Tortilla Factory ‘Smart & Delicious’  tortilla with 1 Tbsp hummus, 2 - 4 slices turkey and baby spinach - rolled up

Small handful of almonds (12-15) with a cup of 1% or nonfat milk

A bar with at least 5 grams protein and around 15-30 g carbohydrate

1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese or yogurt and a TJ’s 5 Seed Almond Bar

Whole wheat english muffin with slice of cheese or peanut butter