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Monday, February 28, 2011

You Ate, but did you Appreciate? Beauty of Food

One thing I try to teach clients, is to learn to appreciate food more. We tend to take food, in such abundance in our country, for granted. Mindless eating is a behavior that so many of us work hard to change. Instead of trying to change the old, perhaps you can try to focus on something new, appreciating and staying mindful of food. This post is all about reminding you just how excellent food can be. 

In Portland, Oregon ( the city I'm proud to call my hometown) there is an amazing market. It's called New Season's and they provide an abundance of organic, locally grown products as well as specialty items I've yet to see anywhere else. Its being in a place like New Season's, that makes me stop and realize how awesome food is. Natural, beautiful, nourishing foods. I mean, look at this Easter Egg Radish!

 Here are some shots I took just for you. (I also wish someone would see this and open a New Season's down here in the South Bay or at least in LA somewhere!) I am lucky enough to have what I think is the world's best farmers market (blog to come!), so I'm not complaining. But I tip my hat to New Season's for doing a great job of purveying such fine foods.

Local trout stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, garlic and herbs. When was the last time you ate like this?

Our good friend Chris, perfectly helpful with all things produce

An abundance of SUSTAINABLE seafood

See What I mean!??

And their canned goods and products are so special:

Talk about Organic Whole Grains!
The New Season's Bakery - baking fresh every day; sans preservatives, sans high fructose corn syrup

Love This! On a large mural when you walk in: "Sustainable: to keep in existence"

Seemingly endless local specialty products, jams, juices... I am in heaven every time.
A big part of Intuitive Eating, is to eat with awareness. To taste and appreciate your food.  I think too often people are in such a rush, or perhaps so hungry, that we don't take the time to stop and appreciate what we are eating.  When you do this, and truly commit to eating slower and tasting your food, you can be satisfied on less total food. When one slows down, you are able to listen to your body's fullness signals. If you do this, eating all foods in moderation becomes instinctual and simple.  If you struggle with overeating, or you think you have room in your life to appreciate food more - make this a goal to focus on this week.

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